Hi, I’m Jackie!

When I was in high school I tore both of my ACLs (one in each knee) playing basketball. This kept me off the court for quite a while each time, so to stay involved with sports I started writing for my small hometown newspapers. It was really one of those God moments I think, because being sidelined from sports really broke my heart, but it introduced me to my love of writing and media. So a few years later it was an easy choice to pick advertising and public relations for my major in college.

After graduating in 2005 from Minnesota State University Moorhead, I started my career in marketing. I worked for nearly three years in the corporate marketing world and loved it…but the recession was coming and I could see the sales dropping so my husband and I decided to relocate to where we both could find steady work: Sioux Falls, SD.

I took account executive roles at a few agencies, but always felt over worked and underpaid. My stress level was through the roof (as it had been in the corporate world too, but somehow that seemed more manageable). Then the recession hit hard and the agency I was at lost my client – and the by-product of that was me losing me job. It was a tough blow, but honestly, I hated the job and was quite relieved to be out of such a cut-throat environment with long hours and little thanks for my efforts.

Throughout my entire time working for various people and consistently feeling stressed, over-worked and grossly under paid, I had been playing around with some side companies. The ideas of blogging, sewing stuff to sell, dabbling in network marketing all came into play, but it was my dream of opening a boutique that trumped them all.

In the fall of 2010 I opened my retail boutique called Cutie Pie Belly & Baby Boutique. It was a dream years in the making, and I learned so much from the incredible experience of building my own business from the ground up. I had a terrible time finding good resources as I started my journey to boutique ownership, so that’s why I now coach and train other boutique owners on how to start and grow their stores. My past experiences in marketing, continued training in digital marketing and website development, and my own struggles to find people to connect with in the boutique world are what prompted me to launch Boutique Success Coach.

I’m here to help others learn and grow, to avoid costly mistakes, and to connect with other boutique owners. Whether you’re just starting out with a dream, or you’ve got an established boutique, I hope we can connect to help each other become successful entrepreneurs! If you’re like me – you’re sick of making other people richer by being an employee. That ends today!

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Cutie Pie Belly & Baby Boutique, downtown Sioux Falls, SD