Using Old Suitcases for Retail Displays

Yesterday our local newspaper, the Argus Leader, hosted a “pop up shop” featuring vendors from Sioux Falls – my city. The event was called “Sioux Falls Made” and it was held in the paper’s loading warehouse (an awesome, raw backdrop to a handmade event!).

It’s a challenge to come up with unique ways to draw the eyes of customers to more detailed items, like jewelry and accessories. As I browsed the displays, I was impressed by the creativity of the vendors on how to showcase their goods. While old suitcases may not be the perfect fit for your store, I’m sure you’ll see other clever ideas to inspire your next display project.

Awesome photo gallery of ideas on how to use old suitcases for retail displays or craft booths!

Check out the photos featuring some unique ideas from Sioux Falls Made vendors. Notice the unique interior fabrics they used to bring new life to the old suitcases! (Note: I wasn’t able to get all the vendors’ names, but you can check out the Argus Leader’s article on this event here).

Using Vintage Suitcases for Displays – Photo Gallery


siouxfallsmade2014-006 siouxfallsmade2014-007 siouxfallsmade2014-009


Using vintage suitcases for retail or craft show displays. Lots of ideas! Old suitcases as displays!

What unique display materials do you use in your shop? Have you found ways to incorporate old and new display pieces?

Share your ideas and links to your store below!

I hope these pictures inspired you.

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~Jackie Johnson

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