Break through barriers in your boutique.

Get the help you need to overcome obstacles and have the successful boutique of your dreams.

Boutique Launch ~ It’s stressful trying to bring together all the elements of opening your boutique: the business structure, location, business plan, loan, inventory, pricing structure, displays…the list goes on and on. Even for online-only boutiques, the logistics can be overwhelming. I’ve been where you are, and can help you cut through the noise to get the focus you need to start your business. The longer you fumble over the starting line, the further away your dream becomes. I can help bring clarity and expertise to the process.

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Boutique Success ~ It’s also stressful when things aren’t going right and you’re not sure how to make your business run smoothly again. Sometimes it’s not so much that we need to do different things, but that we need to do things differently. If you’re stuck in a place that feels like failure and confusion about how to move forward – let’s talk. Your business is your baby, and it’s a huge investment that’s worth saving. I coach boutique owners like you who have hit a roadblock. I can advise you on how to push through and get your cash flow moving again, accelerate your marketing and increase sales. Or if it’s time to call it quits and move on to the next chapter of your life, then let’s figure out the best plan to help you gracefully make the transition.

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